Sunday, June 29, 2008

We've Arrived!

I'm just writing a quick note to let everyone know that our group has arrived safely in Delhi. We had a great flight, very smooth, and we were excited to meet up with Madhuri and Mr. Henry, our travel agent. We're staying at the Hans Hotel in New Delhi. The drive in from the airport took us through a relatively prosperous part of New Delhi lined with embassies and the homes of government ministers. A very wide boulevard built by the British. It used to be the neighborhood where colonial administrators lived but has long since been taken over by Indian government officials and the embassies. There were beautiful parks lining the road and in the traffic circles, with many Indian families out to enjoy the sultry evening.

Tomorrow we have some welcoming lectures in the a.m. and then a chance to see Delhi on our own in the afternoon. The adventure begins!

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Say hello to Ted and Wendy for us.