Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Murder and the Politics of Class (Or is it Class and the Politics of Murder?)

With less than two weeks before we leave, I've started to read the Indian newspapers (they are linked in the menu to the right). If you've been visiting this blog you've seen a few postings. I'm trying to follow the political news but for the last week no one reading these papers has been able to miss the media frenzy surrounding the murder a girl named Aarushi, the daughter of a dentist. It's everywhere. I got intrigued with the case because it reminded me of elements of the plot of The White Tiger, a new novel by Aravind Adiga about a driver in Bangalore who cuts the throat of his boss. More about that in a minute. Today Eric Schuster, Katherine's husband, sent me the link to an excellent article on the politics of class in India as it relates to the case. You can read the article, "India's dirty laundry: The murder tearing Indian society apart," by Andrew Buncombe, at the online version of London's The Independent. The article briefly notes the way Adiga's novel intersects with the prejudices surrounding the case.

If you want to read more about the case and how it relates to Adiga's novel (a wonderful book I highly recommend) just click here.

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