Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our First Dinner: A Video Clip

For news about today be sure to see the photos and the post below, but here's a video clip of our dinner on the first night. Amazing food.


Badia said...

Hi Paul,

Its nice to see you are having a great time in India. I will have to experience foreign travel vicariously through you. Now that I have a new house (which you have to come and see when you return), I have to wait until 2009 for a big trip. I'll continue to check out the blog to see how things are going. Please tell Lynn I said "Hi."

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul: Interesting selection of food. If you don't return, we'll know where to find you and track you down to join you for the food. Love the Taj pic and all the rest. All the best to you and Lynn. Steven & Kathleen

Darren said...

that just made me really hungry.